• Adrien Lastic

    Adrien Lastic

    Adrien Lastic , a young Spanish brand, combines innovation, design, reliability and controlled price for your greatest pleasure. Intended for both women and men, Adrien Lastic has created a complete range of sextoys, which we are happy to offer you on

  • Alive Sextoys

    Alive Sextoys

    Alive, designed by ADRIEN LASTIC, is a range of quality sexual stimulators. Playful, varied and concerned with preserving the well-being of your mind and body, Alive dildos are guaranteed to be phthalate-free. Do not hesitate any longer and take advantage of their accessible prices on

  • Aphrodisia


    Intended for men wishing to simulate a quality fellatio as well as possible, Autoblow offers 3 sizes of stimulators thus adapting to all male morphologies. Simple to use and maintain. To order absolutely on for a successful blowjob

  • Autoblow 2

    Autoblow 2

    Autoblow is a brand known for having released, following a crowdfunding campaign, the first Autoblow 2 automatic masturbator. Its "robot" masturbator has the particularity of functioning by itself, like a large one and without batteries. Gentlemen, discover the pleasure of oral sex whenever you want and as many times as you want.

  • Avanua


    Glamor and sexy are the terms that come up most often when it comes to Avanua lingerie. If you want to please or to please yourself, then take advantage of the very affordable prices of the Avanua range on You will not regret it.

  • B-Vibe


    Unanimously recognized and awarded, the range of B-Vibe anal plugs is made for you. Designed for both women and men, its aesthetics and comfort will seduce you, as they seduced the team

  • Baile


    Present for nearly 30 years, Baile is considered one of the pioneers in the sex toy market. Products combining quality and aesthetics. makes you discover or re-discover the naughty universe of Baile products, which will satisfy men and women.

  • Bathmate


    Undisputed leader in penis enlargers and male virility accessories, Bathmate products are dedicated to men wishing to satisfy their partner (s) in total safety and comfort of use. A must # 1 in sales offered by

  • Big Teaze Toys

    Big Teaze Toys

    For almost 20 years, Big Teaze Toys combining fun and pleasure. By creating the famous "duckling", she revolutionized the world of intimate pleasure and erased the taboo side of self-made sex. So, don't go looking around, Big Teaze Toys is at

  • Black Level

    Black Level

    Black Level has made vinyl a unique signature. For men and women, the entire range of Black Level lingerie offers eroticism and exoticism within a complete collection of quality products. It's time to come back to vinyls with

  • Blush Novelties

    Blush Novelties

    Made in New York for this range of colorful sextoys, with clean shapes. Blush Novelties rethinks the fun classics to give you even more. Home designer, contemporary products, let yourself be seduced at with the Blush range.

  • Brazilian Balls

    Brazilian Balls

    The warmth of Brazil associated with the freshness of a languid use, for very erotic massages. With the range of Brazilian balls, guarantees you moments of exceptional “toridity”. The samba of sensations just a click away and at home ....

  • Bswish


    A bit of California Dream? The Bswish range is made for you. Discover a refined and stylish range on When youth expresses itself without any taboos and develops a unique signature for increased pleasure. Do not hesitate any longer and let yourself be guided.

  • California Exotic USA

    California Exotic USA

    By Women, For Women could have been Susan Colvin's motto for 30 years. Indeed, the Calexotics range is totally designed in this direction. Quality products, tested and guaranteed. On, we are fans of them, so think if we recommend them to you ....

  • Callvin


    For protection full of derision. Callvin is THE condom brand that mocks convention and twists clichés to make you laugh. Callvin the best of pleasure moments in store for you. Because you are worth it, recommends Callvin you.

  • Casmir


    Casmir is a brand of lingerie coming straight from Poland offering a line of charming and erotic lingerie, with elegant and sensual models. Today, Casmir is positioned at the top of the podium for prestigious lingerie brands. From the charming nightie to the erotic set, the brand will know how to highlight your femininity.

  • Charmly


    The Welkin company, created 40 years ago, has been innovating in the field of sex toys and accessories since 2002 under the CHARMLY brand at very competitive prices. has selected a wide choice of these products for you. Know how to take advantage of it.

  • Chisa Novelties

    Chisa Novelties

    The Chisa Novelties brand was born in 2015 in Hong Kong. It offers various and varied toys: remote controlled vibrators, clitoral stimulators, Rabbit vibrators, vibrating eggs, inflatable dildos, suction cup dildos, Strap On dildos, Sex Machine,…. The brand insists on all aspects to provide customers with the most avant-garde design, the safest and most realistic materials.

  • CloneBoy


    You always wanted to be in more than one place at the same time. Your dream is finally come true with Cloneboy. THE solution to duplicate your penis in no time at all. Mold, inject, unmold… Your penis is cloned. With finally have the gift of ubiquity ...

  • Cottelli Lingerie

    Cottelli Lingerie

    Everything is not done by hand in the area of sex. But when you see the Cotelli Lingerie range, there is no doubt about it, it is haute couture. At, neither women nor men are insensitive to the design and finishes of their products. Go hop, to the basket ....

  • Cumface
  • Divers


    In this section, discover various objects of all kinds selected by us and that we still wanted to offer on our site. You will find a little of everything there! From whisk to fancy key rings, zizi pasta to breast-shaped ice cube tray :) The perfect place to find funny little gifts.

  • Divinextases


    From 100% Made in France. From 100% Organic. A reasoned and patriotic purchase. Divinextases is our favorite at An incredible range of creams, gels and orgasmic products. So 3 hits in one. Treat yourself, give him pleasure, while making them happy.

  • Doc Johnson USA

    Doc Johnson USA

    35 years of experience, products of absolute realism and a constantly renewed world of pleasure. Doc Johnson sex toys will delight both women and men. So like us at, enjoy pure moments of games and intense pleasures.

  • Dolls


    You want to combine the perfection of the material with the beauty of the aesthetic. Forget about visiting the Grévin museum and rush to the range of Doll dolls. An unfailing realism at the service of your pleasure. At, we won't refuse you anything ....

  • Dorcel


    When experience speaks for itself ... Who better than Marc Dorcel knows the world of sex and its refined pleasures? And who better than can offer you the full range of its products? An answer for 2 questions… nobody of course !!

  • Dream Toys

    Dream Toys

    When classic rhymes with practicality… A complete range of colorful sextoys, designed like real toys. A range intended to have fun, in complete safety. Because at, classicism also exists, we wanted to share it with you ...

  • Durex


    Because shared pleasure often begins with protected pleasure, offers Durex products. Over 100 years of experience and not a wrinkle. Condoms, lubricants, pleasure gels, a complete range of intimate products that we all know.

  • Easy Toys

    Easy Toys

    Whether you are looking for a vibrator, dildo or masturbator, with EasyToys, you are bound to find what you are looking for. The brand offers a wide choice of products of all kinds, for all tastes and desires.

  • Elegance


    Discover Elegance , the new luxury range developed by the parent company of Dutch sex toys: Shots. Their desire is to offer sextoys with a neat, charming design and incredible performance! And it is very successful. Get the ideal stimulation with Eelegance sex toys!

  • Elity


    Elity offers cute and pretty vibrating eggs. The high-tech sex toy brand offers toys connected via a smartphone, which can be operated by a third party even on the other side of the world.

  • Eros Megasol

    Eros Megasol

    Do you know Eros ? The God of love and creative power in Greek mythology, which gives rise to the word: eroticism. The famous brand offers a wide range of lubricants, anal gels, sprays, massage gels, etc.

  • Eros Toys
  • F-Machine


    Whatever sex or masturbation machine you desire, look no further! You are in the right place. F-Mahcine engineers are continually inventing machines to help you make your wildest fantasies come true. Whether you want to play alone, enjoy bondage or S&M, whether you are straight, gay or bisexual, F-Machine products have been designed to meet your needs.

  • Fantasy - Being Fetish

    Fantasy - Being Fetish

    The Fantasy brand offers a wide range of realistic sex toys. As for Being Festish, it offers erotic articles around SM and bondage practices, with prices perfect for novices or those who want to try new practices without breaking the bank.

  • Fifty Shade Of Grey

    Fifty Shade Of Grey

    Lovers of erotic literature, you have read them all, fantasized then hesitated ... now it's time to take your turn! Discover the official range of sex toys and naughty accessories from 50 Shades of Gray, from the bestseller of the same name.

  • Fleshlight


    With more than 6 million copies sold worldwide, all models combined, realism is undoubtedly the main quality of Fleshlight masturbators The Fleshlight brand has designed and developed the best-selling sex toy for men in the world thanks to the patented internal texture of their masturbators, the Superskin. Masturbators or dildos, you will appreciate both their shape and the material in which they are made.

  • Fun Factory

    Fun Factory

    Fun Factory designs such beautiful sex toys that we don't want to hide them. Quality and aesthetics are at the rendezvous for this 100 brand% German, today n ° 1 in Europe. Discover their sextoys of remarkable quality!

  • Fun Zone - Ultra Zone

    Fun Zone - Ultra Zone

    The Fun Zone brand is a designer of original and very playful sextoys for all those who want a free and stress-free sexual practice. The brand is best known for its masturbators from the Vulcan range, with very lively textures and trendy colors.

  • Happy Rabbit

    Happy Rabbit

    Reinvent your orgasms with Happy Rabbit . The vibrator that will give you an extra dose of bouncy, good and sexy fun. Happy Rabbit range of sex toys has thought of all aspects of your pleasure, with a variety of Rabbit vibrators to caress, titillate,…. The stimulation of the G-spot and the clitoris makes it the vibrator of choice, with guaranteed orgasms.

  • Hot


    Hot is a world famous Austrian brand that you should definitely check out if you haven't already. Hot offers sensual lubricants and cosmetics all over the world, including libido-boosting aphrodisiac products such as natural pheromones.

  • Hot Fantasy

    Hot Fantasy

    The Hot Fantasy brand offers a range of vibrating rings and vibrators for the pleasure of men and women! Their sex toys are made with high quality materials, for a more pleasant use, and increased durability.

  • Irresistible


    The Irresistible brand specializes in contactless clitoral stimulators. This know-how allows it to offer high-end products for those who want strong and intense sensations because they know their body well. Efficiency, quality, design, Irresistible is perfect when you want to have a great time. The brand also offers vibrators.

  • IWand


    The iWand brand specializes in the design and manufacture of rechargeable and also waterproof wands. You will undoubtedly find the sextoy to the image of their desires and needs. From the small wand that fits in the handbag to the model combining oscillation and vibration, no one has been forgotten.

  • Jimmy Jane

    Jimmy Jane

    Welcome to the colorful world of Jimmy Jane ! If you are looking for lovetoys that are as elegant as they are sensual, this is the place. Jimmy Jane sextoys benefit from luxurious packaging and neat designs. They are real jewels of pleasure to offer or to offer without moderation.

  • Joy Division

    Joy Division

    Joy Division is one of the leading European manufacturers of erotic products. Joy Division offers you lubricants, gels and sex toys of all kinds. Ready to slide on new adventures with their relaxing gels, organic lubricants or intimate toys. All of their products are made in Germany with premium materials.

  • Just Glide

    Just Glide

    Just Glide offers a wide range of premium lubricants made in Germany. The peculiarity of their products is that they are original 100% vegan. Water-based and harmless to you or your partner, Just Glide products promise you high lubricity while respecting your body.

  • Kheper Games

    Kheper Games

    Do you like board games and erotic games? The perfect combo from the Kheper Games brand. Discover our wide range of naughty games, from erotic games to massage games to games that make you experiment with new positions and experiences :) What is certain is that they will put your excitement to the test.

  • Kiiroo


    Welcome to masturbation 2.0! Kiiroo is a brand of masturbators which is intended primarily for those who already know the pleasure of the masturbator. Indeed, it allows to move to the next category. Their model is synchronized with erotic, pornographic videos, even in virtual reality. The movements of the inside of the masturbator come and go just like the actor with the actress.

  • King Cock

    King Cock

    For those looking for realism, King Cock sex toys are made for you. Whether in terms of visual or Fanta Flesh material, you will be amazed by their realism. Benefiting from a wide range of products, King Cock offers models of several sizes, diameters, colors but also with suction cup.

  • La Musardine

    La Musardine

    Discover La Musardine , the leading publisher in eroticism since 1996. Thanks to the famous Osez collection, sex will no longer hold any secrets for you. It comes in the form of small, precise and concise books, funny and without complexes, imposing nothing but telling everything, written by specialists in the fields concerned.

  • Labophyto


    Labophyto is a 100 brand% French offering food supplements dedicated to pleasure, well-being and sensuality. Delaying gel, erection cream, wipes reducing sexual sensitivity, everything is designed for your sexuality and in the most natural way possible. Discover their innovative formulas based on plants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

  • Late X

    Late X

    Venture into the world of BDSM and explore new horizons with the Late X brand, specialist in fetish clothing. The brand has imagined everything to make your BDSM evenings up to your expectations! Whether you are an expert or a beginner in the subject, everyone will find their share of erotic objects: balaclavas, corsets, latex dresses and skirts, etc.

  • le Wand

    le Wand

    Imagined by sex expert Alicia Sinclair, the brand le Wand borrows all the so-called French class for a line of wands as aesthetic as they are formidably effective. Behind le Wand , it's an all-female team that offers ever more innovative models every year.

  • Lelo, Picobong

    Lelo, Picobong

    Luxury and refinement par excellence: this is what Lelo stands for. It is one of the benchmark brands in terms of intimate toys. Their sex toys are recognized for being very high-end, of superior quality due to the choice of materials used and their design. Behind Lelo is LELOi AB, the Swedish company which also owns the Intimina by LELO and PicoBong brands.

  • Libo


    The Libo brand offers a range of vibrators and vibrating stimulators. You can also let yourself be tempted by one of their rabbit or by a vibrator with back and forth movement! Good shopping.

  • Liebe
  • Lingox


    Lingox is a Spanish brand specializing in male masturbators. It also offers sex toys and erotic cosmetics. Gentlemen, you will love trying the personalized masturbators of your favorite pornstars actresses with their skin touch, close to reality. Sensation guaranteed!

  • Love To Love

    Love To Love

    “Sex, fun & rock'n roll!” Is the motto of Love To Love . The brand offers sex toys for all tastes! Fancy a rabbit? A dildo or even geisha balls? From sheaths to vibrators, including vibrating eggs and wands: no sex toy is forgotten. Today, Love To Love products are number 1 in sales, thanks in particular to the Secret Bullet Cry Baby vibrating egg. Test it out! You will love.

  • Lovetoy


    With Lovetoy , enjoy all your favorite pleasures, with their sex toys with innovative and fun design. From realistic to refined sex toys, including essential erotic accessories and original gadgets, the Chinese brand invites itself into your privacy, for your greatest happiness!

  • Maia Toys

    Maia Toys

    Founded in Los Angeles in 2010, Maia Toys quickly established itself as a market leader in adult accessories and “fun” products. Maia Toys has become a household name for avant-garde styles who recognize the colors of eroticism with the selection of their personal pleasure items. Their massagers and accessories are carefully designed to suit your mood. They took the classics and updated them with a more modern approach.

  • Man.Wand


    Gentlemen, discover our Man.Wand vibrating masturbators from the Manwan brand. Use your Man.Wand by going back and forth or position your glans on the vibrating part. Their one-of-a-kind masturbator is the very first wand for men! It will offer you a vibrant pleasure thanks to its 20 modes!

  • ManCage


    ManCage is a brand of chastity cages created by the Dutch parent company Shots. High quality, they are also light and hypoallergenic. More or less large depending on your anatomy or the desired sensation, each cage is guaranteed 100% made to measure thanks to its many fasteners. You can therefore surrender yourself in complete safety to your partner who alone will have the key to your ecstasy!

  • Mandy Mystery

    Mandy Mystery

    The Mandy Mystery collection presents particularly erotic lingerie that unapologetically unveils the strengths of women who like to enhance their body: jumpsuits, bustiers, garter belts, thongs, etc.

  • Nalone


    Nalone is an Asian brand specializing in stimulators and other massagers. Their sex toys have a very sober look and very girly tones. In addition to their sleek and fun design, their sex toys are high performance and made with high quality materials.

  • NEK


    Who says sexy lingerie is only for women? Do you imagine that they alone have to enhance their bodies to seduce their partner? And you imagine that the latter has nothing to do to please or seduce him too? No ! Gentlemen, discover NEK and its sexy lingerie for men: thong, briefs, body, tank top, sexy t-shirt ...

  • Nexus


    Nexus is a British adult brand known internationally for its innovative products for men and women. With an emphasis on design, Nexus is dedicated to producing quality, functional adult toys made from luxurious materials that ensure optimum results time and time again.

  • NMC


    NMC designs and offers a wide range of high quality sex toys, accessible to all: dildos, plugs, BDSM products, cockrings, masturbator dolls,… everything you need to do yourself good! Simple and effective, their sex toys are a quality choice for novices but also those who wish to push their limits.

  • Noir Handmade

    Noir Handmade

    Noir Handmade is today a rising star in the field of naughty and libertine lingerie. As the name suggests, it specializes in all underwear that are darker than your Monday morning coffee! The German brand offers a daring lingerie to find in all or all those who dare: corsets, thongs, babydolls or other bodysuits. Perfect for your BDSM sex cravings.

  • NS Novelties

    NS Novelties

    NS Novelties is an American brand specializing in the world of anal plugs. The brand has the particularity of playing on the fun and colorful aspect with sex toys featuring flashy colors, unicorn shapes and emojis. The intimate anal jewel then becomes the opportunity to see anal excitement in a new light.

  • Nutri Expert

    Nutri Expert

    A small breakdown? Discover Nutri Expert and their selection of natural products to boost your sex life. This brand offers a range of food supplements dedicated to desire and performance so as not to suffer from certain sexual disorders. Take full control of your sexuality!

  • Obsessive


    Obsessive is a brand of naughty lingerie that has been known worldwide for many years. It is aimed at women of taste looking for sexy, hot and glamorous erotic outfits: 2 or 3 piece sets, babydolls, corsets, jumpsuits, accessories and other very high quality bodysuits. What more ?

  • Odeco


    The Odeco brand offers a wide range of sex toys that are both colorful and very futuristic in design. If you are looking for a first sex toy at an affordable price, you can turn to their vibrators made of quality materials or their Geisha balls.

  • Ouch


    Thought to accompany novices and followers of BDSM, the brand Ouch! offers a wide choice of intimate games and accessories to transform your nights into moments of fantasy: handcuffs, anal plug, breathable gag,… the whole panoply for your games of domination or submission!

  • OVO


    The young brand OVO , launched in 2012, offers products as different as they are innovative, which will meet all your different fantasies: vaginal, penile, external or anal. Designed and designed in Germany, OVO sex toys combine astonishing aesthetics and formidable performance.

  • Passion EroticLine

    Passion EroticLine

    Passion is a Polish brand created in 2005, specializing in the manufacture of underwear for women. Its goal, to offer erotic and sensual models of great qualities. Indeed, thanks to the manufacturing quality of its underwear, the brand is positioned today in the high-end, while remaining affordable.

  • Passion Free your Senses

    Passion Free your Senses

    The Polish brand Passion offers a range of lingerie that dares. She tries to stand out by making daring, inspiring underwear, without vulgarity, at an affordable price. “Free your senses” is their motto. This is why Passion lingerie is aimed at all women because their wide range can suit everyone's tastes and sizes!

  • Passion Homme

    Passion Homme

    The famous Polish brand Passion is not just for women. Indeed, it also offers a wide range of men's underwear: bodysuits, boxers, tank tops, sexy briefs, tanga, and even other erotic outfits :)

  • Perfect Fit Brand

    Perfect Fit Brand

    Ladies and gentlemen, are you looking for products that stand out in the field of male sex toys? You'll love the Florida-based Perfect Fit Brand The brand attaches great importance to the originality of its products and the quality of its image. To date, the brand has received more than 40 awards and nominations around the world.

  • Perfect Toys

    Perfect Toys

    Perfect Toys offers a nice range of geisha balls at an affordable price. Test their pretty bouboules that adapt to your anatomy and let them sway to give you the sweetest of pleasures and the most unexpected sensations.

  • Pillow Talk

    Pillow Talk

    The Pillow Talk brand offers a very nice range of sextoys, very fresh, in pastel colors, with rounded and soft shapes. In addition, the toys they offer have overpowered engines. Pillow Talk is the perfect marriage between beauty and efficiency.

  • Pipedream USA

    Pipedream USA

    The American N ° 1 for sex toys! Located in the Porn Valley in Chatsworth, California, Pipedream USA working tirelessly for more than 40 years to offer you one of the widest ranges on the market and to innovate in the field of sex toys. Moreover, they will be a good track for novices who want to test different things, especially with their BDSM range!

  • Pixey


    The Pixey brand was born in Japan. Today, it is one of the most popular brands of sex toys in the world because of the maneuverability and the power of its wands: + 8000 revolutions / minute! You will love its products to stimulate your clitoris or simply to relax and massage all the muscles in your body.

  • Pjur


    Since 1995, the German brand Pjur has been there to revolutionize your erotic antics. It designs quality products in the field of well-being: retardant creams, personal hygiene products, stimulants, massage oils, etc. it is a benchmark brand in the field of intimate lubricants as well as aphrodisiacs.

  • PMV20


    PMV20 is the new brand for 2020. The brand offers a collection like no other. Not only because of its colors, but also and above all because of the message behind the brand. We love it! The collection consists of several vibrators, each with a unique color pattern and extensive functionality. Good discovery !

  • Poppers


    Discover our wide range of poppers. But besides, what is poppers? It is a liquid vasodilator sold in small vials. Its inhalation generates a state of euphoria and intense relaxation. Perfect for your naughty little evenings.

  • Porn Sperm

    Porn Sperm

    Porn Sperm offers a range of quite original water-based lubricants. This is because their color and consistency mimics semen. Their unique opaque lubricants will meet the expectations of all sperm lovers. Perfect for an ultra realistic sperm effect!

  • Rabbit Essentials

    Rabbit Essentials

    Rabbit Essentials offers high quality, functional, unique and adult vibrators. Using high quality materials that are harmless to the body and as pleasurable as they look, Rabbit Essentials toys bring you all the fun and fun you desire during your intimate moments in your bedroom. Rabbit Essentials is now available at Cockinou, don't miss these sensational vibes before they all go away!

  • Realov


    Are you tempted by the discreet, remote-controlled excitement? Then you are ready to discover the intimate toys of the brand Realov . Their sex toys consist of Geisha balls or vibrating eggs, among other things. Connected, these toys will offer both members of the couple a very interesting moment of sharing and excitement.

  • Realrock


    Real Rock is a brand offering a wide range of high quality realistic penises, designed for all fetish couples in the world. The designs of their dildos are exact replicas of real penises. Their fetish luxury collection will transform your bedroom, bathroom, or any place you like to squawk.

  • Red Corner

    Red Corner

    Red Corner offers a range of quality clubwear clothing, designed to highlight the female body with particularly neat lines close to the body. their sexy outfits are a gift of choice to offer or to offer yourself ...

  • Réel


    Do you particularly appreciate the French Touch? With its 40 years of experience in realistic toys, the Réel brand creates and manufactures its sextoys from casts and by hand. Molded in plastisol, their sex toys will offer you a texture close to that of the skin, for an authentic pleasure made in France.

  • Rocks Off

    Rocks Off

    Founded more than 10 years ago, Rocks Off is a British brand known for the quality of its products: unique design, high-end and resistant materials. Their products are present in many countries and the brand is especially famous for its RO-80mm Bullet mini vibrator, which has sold over 5 million copies.

  • Rosy Gold

    Rosy Gold

    Find all your favorite sex toys in a rose gold version, very trendy and luxurious. The Rosy Gold range is ideal for a holiday gift, Valentine's Day or an anniversary. You will love their luxury version sex toys!

  • Ruf


    Cock-a-doodle Doo ! Here is a French brand that we love at Looking for aphrodisiacs made from natural ingredients to spice up your evenings? Discover their products: delaying and heating gels, bandaged wood, penis cream.

  • S-Pleasures
  • Satisfyer - Partner

    Satisfyer - Partner

    Discover the Satisfyer brand, known worldwide in the world of sex toys. It was the first brand to offer an affordable, waterproof wave clitoral stimulator. Today, it is one of the pioneering brands in the world of stimulators, combining vibration and pulsation without contact. There is something for all genres and all tastes!

  • Secret Play

    Secret Play

    A European brand in essence, Secret Play was created in 2006 in Spain. The great particularity of the brand is that the design of its products is imagined only by a female team, experts in the development of erotic products intended for women. Girl Power!

  • Secura
  • Secura Kondome

    Secura Kondome

    Secura Kondome is a German brand specializing in condoms since 1950. Secura condoms meet all demands with a full range of shapes designed for pleasure. The advantage is that you are sure to find the perfect condom for you. Colorful, large or small, flavored, grooved or extra-fine, sensations are preserved thanks to Secura expertise.

  • Senzi


    The Senzi Vibrator is a beautifully designed, pointed vibrator that you can use for one-time stimulation of all of your most sensitive points. This sharp vibrator is specially designed to give direct pleasure to all your sensitive points, like your clitoris. It controls the intensity by pressing. Targeted and precise stimulation.

  • Seven Creations

    Seven Creations

    To spice up your sex life, stimulate your body and intensify your pleasure, Seven Creations offers a wide choice of couquins. Let yourself be seduced… there is something for all tastes and desires.

  • Sexy Battery

    Sexy Battery

    Sexy Battery is a brand of batteries dedicated to your erotic toys. Their batteries have been developed to meet the specific needs of sex toys and massage accessories, which use a lot of energy.

  • Shiatsu


    Discover the garden of love! Discover Shiatsu and its very high quality products: pheromones, aphrodisiacs, perfumes, massage oils, lubricants… which will make you the master of ceremonies during your trip to the garden of love.

  • Shunga Erotic Art

    Shunga Erotic Art

    Designed and manufactured in Canada, Shunga products are inspired by the artistic era of Shunga (image of spring) and Asian ingredients to offer a range of intimate cosmetics dedicated to lovers of love wishing to fully enjoy their intimate moments in an atmosphere of sensuality, excitement and passion… Hmmm! You will love their original scents present in their oils, massage candles, lubricants… dare, you will not regret it!

  • Silexd


    Silexd is the brand new revolutionary brand in the field of realistic sex toys. Test its new patented and innovative material: SILEXPAN! It brings the advantage of silicone skin with the added density but also flexibility and ideal flexibility and the advantage of a shape memory material. The total… for a real treat!

  • Sinnerz Game

    Sinnerz Game

    The game where you play to win, never lose! Sinnerz games is a Dutch company offering erotic board games with a chic twist. Discover their emblematic game G Kamasutra, allowing partners to get to know each other better around three themes: confession, passion, pleasure. The goal of the game: to win the little romantic surprise!

  • Snail Vibe
  • Softline
  • Sono


    Sobriety and great luxury, for you men! The Sono brand is known for its refined accessories, especially for men: black and transparent sheaths, anal plugs, cock rings, masturbators, high quality silicone ball strap. In short, a beautiful array of accessories that will please you gentlemen, but also Madam :)

  • Spencer & Fleetwood

    Spencer & Fleetwood

    Founded in 1986, Spencer & Fleetwood is a 100 brand% British designer and seller of fun, innovative and edible gifts for young and old. They are the naughty candy specialists. The brand is best known for having had the idea, a long time ago, to make sexy underwear edible. Do you see what I'm talking about ?

  • Spoody Toys

    Spoody Toys

    Coming back to the basics and never neglecting the materials, the Spoody Toys brand allows everyone to discover the pleasures of sex and sensual toys. Discover their beautiful range of sextoys and accessories in rainbow colors to add color to your intimate life!

  • Sqweel


    The British brand Sqweel has innovated by designing sextoys simulating the pleasures of oral sex. The Sqweel has several interchangeable wheels that simulate cunnilingus and new products are regularly added to a growing range.

  • Strap On Me

    Strap On Me

    Who has never dreamed of reversing the roles, tasting new sensations and letting go, for one night or for life ...? Thought to satisfy the most unspeakable desires of couples, their sex toys have been designed to spice up your sex life and taste new extraordinary sensations. The brand is revolutionizing the strap-on by releasing it from its straps and stimulating the erogenous zones of both partners. With strap-on-me, curiosity is a nasty flaw that we like to exacerbate ...

  • Svakom


    Svakom brand straight from the United States, known for its sophisticated and flawless products. It offers a multitude of possibilities with its vibrators, vibrating eggs, clitoral stimulators and other anal plugs. She also developed "The Svakom Intelligent Mode" to make the user experience even better. Pleasant.

  • Sven Joyment
  • Svenjoyment Underwear

    Svenjoyment Underwear

    Svenjoyment is a young German company specializing in men's lingerie. Their products are designed to adapt to all body types! Their teams also pay particular attention to the choice of materials: aesthetics and quality are the priorities. Gentlemen, show off your attributes with panache in original styles.

  • Swan


    Swan is recognized for its designer lovetoys, using one of the purest silicones on the market. They are also easily identifiable by their pepy pink color and their very ergonomic, rounded style. Equipped with a powerbullet motor, Swan sex toys will give you delicious sensations on almost 100% of their surface.

  • Swan - Leaf
  • Swede


    Swede is a Swedish brand offering a very nice range of erotic cosmetics, with many fragrances. Eager to try new scents? Discover their massage candles with natural essential oils, lubricants and massage oils.

  • Tease and Please

    Tease and Please

    Tease & Please is the specialist in naughty, love and erotic board games. Discover their wide range of playful, captivating, daring and exciting games. Discover or rediscover your partner. Everything is allowed here, nothing is compulsory. Let chance spice up your evening!

  • Tenga


    The future of male pleasure is here! This is the motto of the Japanese brand Tenga , known for having revolutionized the world of masturbators and their use thanks to meticulously crafted designs and new materials. Guys, you will become a fan of their masturbators the first time you use them.

  • Topco Sales USA

    Topco Sales USA

    Topco Sales is a pioneer brand founded in 1972 in California. She is at the origin of the famous realistic material Cyberskin. Always on the lookout for ever crazier and more revolutionary products, they have also designed, in partnership with PornHub, the TwerkingButt: dancing buttocks of breathtaking realism that can work with a VR headset.

  • Uprize


    Did you dream of a sextoy with erections made to order? Uprize did it! Their stylized and rechargeable dildos are not at all soft zizis. These are sextoys that bandage on their own, on command, at the touch of a button. Original, right? Come on, I'll take it!

  • VéDO


    VéDO develops and manufactures toys of various shapes, not only beautiful, but also which will give you the ultimate sexual experience, with a touch of freshness. Their engineers design affordable quality products that respect the environment.

  • Vibe Couture

    Vibe Couture

    Vibe Couture offers a very wide range of high quality and colorful vibrators. With them, no more batteries since they are rechargeable by USB. They can also follow you into the bathroom thanks to their fully waterproof coating.

  • Vibratissimo


    With only a few years on the clock, the Vibratissimo brand is one of the most promising in the field of connected toys with its range of chic and sober sex toys and its dedicated mobile application. Two or more away, you will love it!

  • Vices et délices

    Vices et délices

    You are looking for an original idea to spice up your sexuality and get your relationship off the beaten track. Call on the French brand Vices et Délices and its naughty games. From season to season, the game has improved and its pledges too, thanks to the collection of user opinions.

  • Vital Perfect

    Vital Perfect

    Vital Perfect , the young company from Nice, is specialized in food supplements, creams, aphrodisiacs, in the field of sexuality. It offers you quality products, developed, manufactured, tested and packaged in France. A real guarantee of quality!

  • Voulez Vous
  • Voulez-vous


    Choose 100 sensual cosmetics and accessories% made in France, signed "Want You". Expertly crafted to amplify your senses, these are available in lubricants, stimulating gels, luminous gloss, etc. with exotic and captivating scents.

  • Vulcan - Brew - Pumped

    Vulcan - Brew - Pumped

    Vulcan is a brand dedicated to male pleasure, offering masturbators with orgasmic effects! She intends to revolutionize the way you masturbate and offer you different types of orifices: vaginas, anuses, mouths, vibrating or not. Gentlemen, you will love it!

  • Waterglide


    Waterglide is a German brand offering high-end lubricants and massage oils based on water and silicone. Its non-greasy lubricants have proven their quality and durability to many "board sports" enthusiasts all over the world.

  • We Vibe

    We Vibe

    We Vibe is the Canadian brand popular with all couples. It offers several award-winning sextoys, which can be used as a couple. They are easy to use and fun. They do not interfere and are there only to amplify the delights of your union.

  • Womanizer


    Womanizer is the professional brand of clitoral stimulators. Ladies, orgasms guaranteed! You will love its chic, high-end and revolutionary sex toys. The concept: non-contact stimulation by suction and drive, with several levels of intensity.

  • XR Brands

    XR Brands

    XR Brands and its slogan “Play hard! Is a brand that likes to combine pleasure and pain. It offers a full range of products for maximum pleasure, discover the XR Brands collection and its BDSM and soft fetish accessories.

  • You 2 Toys - Bad Kitty

    You 2 Toys - Bad Kitty

    The European brand You 2 Toys offers a range of very varied, sober and colorful sex toys. There is something for every taste ! You will easily find the toy of your desires, to please you, without breaking the bank.

  • Zado


    Zado will delight bondage enthusiasts and BDSM fans. Indeed, the brand offers several leather products and quality: harnesses, leashes, handcuffs, collars, swifts, ... it's up to you to choose according to your tastes :)

  • Zero Tolerance
  • Zini


    Zini is a Korean brand that has existed since 2009, known for its sex toys with a very futuristic look and very high-end quality. Its toys are equipped with many features and offer advanced technologies, for the greatest pleasure of the body.

  • Zolo